Creatrix is an online concept store based in Melbourne, focused on supporting creative women of all identities. The business began with a pop up shop in Fitzroy, and now lives purely online!

The store is a holistic creative space, with three main elements:
+ Supplies to enable and encourage women to create (yarns, fibres, knitting tools, weaving tools, craft accessories, and more)
+ A range of creations made by local women (art prints, ceramics, clothing, pins, patches, bags, cushions, tapestries and more)
+ Magickal creative supplies, to support self care and personal/spiritual creativity (crystals, herbs, tarot cards and more)

Creatrix is designed to be a safe haven for women and gender non-conforming people to not only shop and support each other’s work, but also to come together and connect, share their skills and learn new skills through the regular schedule of events. These include:
+ Workshops and classes
+ Creative meet ups
+ Moon circles
+ Artist talks
+ Non-scary networking events
+ Tarot readings

Now that the Fitzroy pop up store has closed, events & workshops will be held at various venues, and magickal events will be privately organised through the Creatrix Coven. Click here to join!

If you’d like to get in contact with any questions, suggestions or ideas you may have, slide into them DMs!

Claire Cummings